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My name is Monica Salmi and I live with my husband, our son Samuel and our dogs city of Järvenpää, which is located 45 km from Helsinki. Our first own dog came to us in June 2001. We took Venla "Flowerpot of Woodhill" home in midsummer from Kirsti Wuorimaa, kennel of Woodhill. Venla was a quite stubborn Golden retriever and she has taught me a lot. With Venla we have trained obedience and blood tracking, which we both enjoyed a lot. We have also attended a few dogshows. Venla's most important task, at least in her opinion, was to take care of other members of the household. As our first dog Venla had a very special place in our family. Unfortunately we needed to let her go in autumn 2010.

Having another dog became current when Venla was two years old. After a search we found puppy from Sweden and so Venla got a friend in August 2003. In the beginning of August we took a trip to Sweden for Taika "Dream Max Jennifer Lopez" to Jennie, Ewa and Kjell Nielsen. Taika has exceeded all our expectations. Third bitch join to our family in November 2006. Silva "Dream Max Grandmother's Choice" came us also from Kennel Dream Max. Unfortunately Silva was not health and I have to made really hard desicon to give her away. Silva moved to her new home autumn 2009. At the same year's September Milka "Dream Max Fancy Apple" joined to our family. I have waited Milka long time and I was really happy to finally have her home. At the moment we have ibly Milka at home. Taika was taken care by our friends while we were spending one year in California and there she still is. Further our dogs living at home I have 2 dogs after Taika living nearby.

I have found a lot of friends due to the dog hobby and dogs have came a big part of my everyday life. All our dogs are dear family members to us and it's a pleasure to exercise and spend time with them. I accompished Finnish Kennel Club's breeder course in spring 2004 and in the summer 2005 FCI approved me kennel name Gilding. Our first litter was born in 2007 and by now we have had two litters. I want to concentrate our litters very thorough and our breeding will be on small-scale.

The puppies will be raised in our home enviroment among our other dogs and us. I want to meet puppybuyer candidates rather before puppies are born and I will choose the puppybuyers very attentive. I want to keep touch to puppybuyers also after puppies have moved to their new homes. We hope that the puppies will find responsible and active homes. It is not necessery that the puppies are taken to the competitions or tests, but golden retriever as an active breed needs a lot of action and excercise. Because health and character are most valuable qualities, my goal is most of all healty and sound Golden Retriever, with whom it is possible to practise characteristic activities of the breed as well as dogshows.